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Oh June, The Time of Singing…

June is definitely a favored month of warm weather fun and outdoor activity.  For us, it is the incredible garden blooms in the Promise Gardens of every kind and description that break forth “in singing” throughout the gardens.  Beautiful color, aroma and visions of design created in nature and we can enjoy in our creations.  When I photographed this flower, I knew immediately it would make a beautiful wallpaper background to share.  Enjoy my friends and as the color enhances our imagination…the aroma of lavender invades our senses.

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Promise Gardens Desktop Wallpaper in Verse

What creates the most beautiful desktop wallpaper? The beauty of creation in all of its seasons with verse! These lovely wallpapers I created from my professional photography (JoyPals Design Studio) of my Promise Gardens 2008 Rose & Flower Show.

To download your screen size and see all of the collection,  see our ClassyWallpaper site here.