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Oh My Gardens – Verticals & Pallets

Trends and there are many of them in gardening but this one caught my eye. I am always looking for new and creative ways to display plants, flowers and veggies in the garden. This year I caught the “pallet” bug and since I have 10 of them from those “100 bags of mulch per season” deliveries, I am on a “design and paint pallet” kick. The rains here have kept us from getting them completed but this week we shall. The “lime green” one is painted and up waiting for the top plants and whether smart or not, I planted trumpet vine via 4 containers (it’s nasty invasive) to sit at bottom and climb. The top will house showy annuals. Another pallet painted “hot spicy pink” and will sit in another vignette in the shade with seating and filled with various hosta and shade plants. When completed I will feature here. The images below are images for your inspiration. There are many great ones on the internet so just Google them and you will be surprised how creative folks are in using them in their gardens. Until next time, happy pallet design and more!

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Flower Power, Flower Tower

I don’t usually buy anything I see in a commercial but this time I am. HomeDepot has been advertising it’s Flower Tower and I went on a hunt for it on Home Depot’s site. I was pleasantly surprised to find a photo and .pdf on how to create your own. This will be a lovely garden flower show for the Promise Gardens this year. I’ll share mine when they are done! Hmmm, now what colors will I use this year?


Here is the link to the PDF with full instructions:  Flower Tower

Home Depot Garden Club

Photo Credit:  Home Depot