Loveliness at Promise Gardens

Loveliness is everywhere you just have to look around you in God’s creation we see beauty, love, hope and eternity. In our Promise Gardens it is filled with life, color, aroma, art and life from birth to death, creation at its best and worst. How blessed are we to be able to create, sow, seed, grow and tend the generous supply of creation our God’s has given us. It is WHY we love the creation in all of its splendor and have just a little of it in our own gardens. -JacyJoypals


A Very Chic Summer Porch

It’s that time again and one of our favorite summer joys of putting together this year’s summer porch, its decor, pots and arbors of flowers and color-themed that becomes a favorite spot for entertaining.  For 2016, we continued the white, aqua, teal and lime green theme.  This year we added new clematis, coleus, creeping jenny filled pots, dahlia and more.  A new aqua-cream chevron rug, aqua umbrella, aqua-lime placemats and colored pots finish off the design for 2016.  The storyboard gives you a hint of the glory we enjoy every day from every view.  Take advantage of the beauty we have and design a porch that reflects your love of creation in color and design and take it a step further and photograph it to enjoy prints in your home all year-long.


“Summertime and the living is easy…..”

Visit BHG for excellent design ideas for your porch.
Our thanks to Rita at CoffeeShopBlog for her excellent free storyboard template.

O Love, O Wind, O Rose


The Promise Garden roses are in full bloom and the rain and sunshine has created such loveliness that no image can portray their beauty.  We have been out and about in the gardens photographing them for the studio and photography prints and a sneak peek will appear here soon on the blog.  There is surely nothing more beautiful that the rose and pair that with poetry, perfection!

~ ~ ~

The Rose & The Wind

The Rose

WHEN, think you, comes the Wind,
The Wind that kisses me and is so kind?
Lo, how the Lily sleeps! her sleep is light;
Would I were like the Lily, pale and white!
Will the Wind come?

The Beech

Perchance for you too soon.

The Rose

If not, how could I live until the noon?
What, think you, Beech-tree, makes the Wind delay?
Why comes he not at breaking of the day?

The Beech

Hush, child, and, like the Lily, go to sleep.

The Rose

You know I cannot.

The Beech

Nay, then, do not weep.

(After a pause)

Your lover comes, be happy now, O Rose!
He softly through my bending branches goes.
Soon he shall come, and you shall feel his kiss.

The Rose

Already my flush’d heart grows faint with bliss;
Love, I have long’d for you through all the night.

The Wind

And I to kiss your petals warm and bright.

The Rose

Laugh round me, Love, and kiss me; it is well.
Nay, have no fear, the Lily will not tell.

The Rose

’T was dawn when first you came; and now the sun
Shines brightly and the dews of dawn are done.
’T is well you take me so in your embrace;
But lay me back again into my place,
For I am worn, perhaps with bliss extreme.

The Wind

Nay, you must wake, Love, from this childish dream.

The Rose

’T is you, Love, who seem changed; your laugh is loud,
And ’neath your stormy kiss my head is bow’d
O Love, O Wind, a space will you not spare?

The Wind

Not while your petals are so soft and fair.

The Rose

My buds are blind with leaves, they cannot see,—
O Love, O Wind, will you not pity me?

The Beech

O Wind, a word with you before you pass;
What did you to the Rose that on the grass
Broken she lies and pale, who lov’d you so?

The Wind

Roses must live and love, and winds must blow.*

*Philip Bourke Marston (1850–87

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved for TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen
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Path to Secret Garden

At last, the rains fell in torrents, the sun appeared and a walk through the gardens to the path to the Secret Garden. What will my eyes behold there anew? It is always exciting to see what is springing up from my last visit. The Promise Gardens are ever-changing as different species and plants appear for their show. The critters have made havoc in some places as they munch on hostas and favorite vegetation. I miss the beauty of walking paths of candytuft but the rabbits devoured and wild strawberries have taken their place. It is still glorious even with its change and hot summer weather here. I shall continue my walk and discover. . .

“Mountain and meadow blend their gifts in one.
This morn I trod the secret path of dreams,
 And, lo! my wilding flowers sprang thick around me,
Alpine and lowland too; and with them sprang
Blossoms that never had I known before
Except in poets’ pages—fancied forms
And hues that shone in more than Alpine light.
 Poppies incarnadine and rosemary,
And violets with gentle eyes were there,
 And their sweet cousinry, the periwinkles;
 Night-blooming cereus, agrimony, rue,
And stately damask roses, Eastern queens,
The noblest-born of flowers; and by their side
The panthers of the meadow, tiger-lilies;
Came with her trembling banner of perfumed bells
The lily of the valley, and the jessamine,
Princesses twain with maiden fragrance pure;
The azure of the Alpine gentian shone
  Intense beneath the rival blue of heaven;
Along the heights blossomed the Alpine rose,
And higher yet the starry edelweiss,—
 And sweet the wind came o’er the visioned Alp.
_Titus Munson Coan

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved – No Reblogs please!  Thank you.