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Happy Spring!

Beautiful Spring!  We are happy to see the flowers begin to bloom and are looking forward to this year’s beauties as they grow another year in fullness and show. The sun is shining brightly here in the Valley which means our flowering trees are popping out all over. It’s a cheerful place and since we all love the colors of spring, a repeated post was in order. This is a combination of my favorite colors and the inspiration color palette for my beach house and formal areas of blue and white. Isn’t it lovely?

Jacy's Cherry Blossom Bliss

At Promise Gardens we are always thinking color, color scheme, color palette, storyboards and especially for each new garden season. What will it be this year? Pastels or bold colors? We shall see!

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2018 All Rights Reserved for Promise Gardens – No Reblogs Please. Thank You

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Capture the Beauty

Oh the beauty of gardens! There is something totally mesmerizing and special about photographing the creation as it grows, buds and exhibits its beauty.


As photographers we look for this beauty everywhere and especially at the National and State Arboretums, Botanical Gardens, private gardens and our own Promise Gardens and backyard. As we travel, we always visit large or famous gardens to capture them for our “Art on Canvas” collection of prints. The National Arboretum in Washington, DC is fabulous and the Alabaster backdrop of the city really make beautiful images; the State Arboretum in Virginia (Blandy Farm) likewise has a beautiful backdrop of historic gardens and treasures. If you don’t have large gardens nearby where you live, go to your local nursery and ask permission to photograph the flowers. Most are very generous in allowing you to photograph them and I have donated, shared or published them with the locals, media and with a shout-out to the nursery. No matter how you capture your florals this spring do it for the beauty, fun and sharing. It is a special time to enjoy the creation.

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Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming to the Promise Gardens as we design and prepare for that glorious show which appears every year in glorious color.

Flowers Appear - Song2:12-Jay&Jacy Photography ©2012 All Rights Reserved

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2015 All Rights Reserved

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Awestruct at Garden Promises

Isn’t it lovely how the promises of beautiful gardens are renewed every day, from season to season, sun, rain, snow and everything that happens to make their beauty shine forth for our enjoyment?  It does not matter how many times I see the flowers grow up from the ground to flowering, I am awestruck.  The WOW of the gardens is the color and aroma and each flower and leaf with its own beauty.  Ahhhh, take time to walk through gardens, smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty while it lasts for the season because we are so totally blessed to have such beauty to enjoy.  Smiling and breathing it in . . . x0x


* * *
‘FLOWERS nodding gaily, scent in air,  

Flowers posied, flowers for the hair,  
Sleepy flowers, flowers bold to stare——’  
        ‘O pick me some!’
* * *

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I Fell In Love in The Promise Gardens

…that’s what they say…well, BHG has this wonderful new idea for that “other” i.e., #3 potting table for the Promise Gardens and yes, my gardening friends, I am going to do this!  Don’t you just want one of these in your gardens?  Go for it and convert one of those odd pieces that you just don’t know what to do with…I am…