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Rainy Day Promise Gardens

Yesterday we had a glorious day of rain!  The gardens were crying for it and so happy to drink it in.   I could not venture out in the pouring rain so shot a few photos through the windows.  It’s still lovely and I have the blessing of seeing it all day!  I hope your view is just as lovely.

Today it is sunny and gorgeous, crisp pre-fall air, breezy and the time for falling leaves begins. I can’t wait to photograph them and hear them crunch under my feet! Happy Gardening!

Autumn Leaves, Fall Foliage, Garden Photography, Landscape Photography, Promise Gardens, Trees

Falling Leaves & Promises

November, falling leaves and promises of snow.  We had our first snowfall in the Promise Gardens early this year; very icy, wet heavy snow which bent trees to the ground, broke leaders off some of our very old large trees.  It was quite a sight but beautiful color amidst the snow.  We photographed several for posting on the blog and they are forthcoming soon.  Enjoy the colors!

Autumn Leaves, Garden Design, Garden Photography, Historic Gardens, Landscape Photography

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Autumn in Virginia, one of the most beautiful places to visit during foliage season. It has arrived in full abundance in the Promise Gardens and in our local and favorite gardens to visit. We visited Meadowlark Botantic Gardens several weeks ago for a photoshoot and could not take our eyes (and cameras) off the beauty before us. Here is a glimpse:

JoyPals Design Studio 

And for real treat, a video set to lovely music:


Autumn Leaves, Garden Photography

Fall Foliage in the Promise Gardens

The colors of autum are amazing…what a beautiful palette of warm colors that create a mood for candlight dinners before a sparkling fireplace, romatic walks through forests and gardens with falling leaves crunching under your feet.  The air is filled with spices of fall…enjoy the season of color!

Last of the Roses

Fall Foliage

Autumn Leaves, Fall Foliage, Garden Design, Garden Photography, Historic Gardens, Promise Gardens

The Colors of Fall in the Promise Gardens

Fall brings another theme into the Promise Gardens, the glorious color in the foliage and the varying shades of plants that one only sees in this season with our warm days and cool nights.  The Shenandoah Valley is spectactular and there is something really special visiting the various gardens and orchards, picking pumpkins, drinking apple cidar, crunching on peanut-coated caramel apples, touring the Civil War battlegrounds, sipping wine from hillside wineries and enjoying the beauty of the season.  Today we snapped a few photos of the foliage in the Promise Gardens.  Perhaps it will encourage you to take a trip this weekend to your favorite gardens and enjoy the foliage in your area.

Autumn Leaves