Hyacinth & Me

Hyacinth & Me

….oh the perfume…oh the color… I love hyacinth especially for the wonderful perfume they emit so every year I plant them, this year many of them in pots all over my porch.  They so captivated me that I brought a … Continue reading

Beautiful Bulbs, Blooms and Springtime


Wonderful sights as the weather warms are bulbs, crocus and other early flowers popping out of the ground.  We hear the birds very early now and of course, are overrun with rabbits and birds preparing their nests all througout the Promise Gardens.  We planted new bulbs last fall and look forward to seeing them and the mulplied bulbs from years past.  Lilacs are budding…we are excited as we wait the treasure trove of spring delights!

“A Joy Forever”

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