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The Art of Gardening

One of the most important aspects of gardening is the ability to create beautiful art work for your home, to share, gift and cheer.  As Master Gardeners and Artists, we take great care and joy in creating beautiful art for our homes and to share with others. These images were photographed this morning after rain so that I could create art for 2018 Rose & Garden Show. The backdrop is my handpainted window which overlooks the Promise Gardens and which adds additional impact and beauty to the vases. So then, it is not just the creating-tending gardens but also the sharing through giving, designing, creating art and memories. Art extends the life of what we have enjoyed from our gardens in color, light, aroma and beauty. It is no wonder that our famous artists were lovers of gardens as well! Happy Gardening! @jacyjoypals @JayJacyPhotography

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Loveliness at Promise Gardens

Loveliness is everywhere you just have to look around you in God’s creation we see beauty, love, hope and eternity. In our Promise Gardens it is filled with life, color, aroma, art and life from birth to death, creation at its best and worst. How blessed are we to be able to create, sow, seed, grow and tend the generous supply of creation our God’s has given us. It is WHY we love the creation in all of its splendor and have just a little of it in our own gardens. -JacyJoypals

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The Promise of Spring

Though winter is strong upon us, snow abounding and windy cold days, we have the “promise of spring” which shall surely come soon. Can it be we are at February?  Yes, at the door and so we wait and enjoy the beauty of the season.

~ ~ ~
“In all-lack Winter,
Dull of sense and of sound,
We huddle and shiver
Beside our splinter
Of crackling pine,
Snow in sky and snow on ground.
Winter and cold
Can’t last for ever!
To-day, to-morrow, the sun will shine;
When we are old,
But some still are young,
Singing the song
Which others have sung,
Ringing the bells
Which others have rung,–
Even so!
We ourselves, who else?
We ourselves long
Long ago.”
_Christina G. Rossetti

~ ~ ~

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s certainly been a very very cold and snowy winter here in the Promise Gardens this winter and late fall! The temp today is 6 degrees and very icy so I can only observe from windows. It is snowing again and the sun is shining at the same time…awesome!

“THE SPECKLED sky is dim with snow,
The light flakes falter and fall slow;
Athwart the hill-top, rapt and pale,
Silently drops a silvery veil;
And all the valley is shut in
By flickering curtains gray and thin.”
_John T. Trowbridge

* * *

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The Last Peony

Every year I am saddened when the peonies have bloomed and their season of bloom ended.  The rains were heavy this spring which reeks havoc on the petals so I cut and brought many bouquets indoors to savor their fragrance and beauty.  Pictured is the last peony sharing its last days and sweet aroma in my garden window until next year.   Adieu my beauties…

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After the Rain – Rainbows

Wow, pure awesomeness.  After the rain, rainbows, two of them, maybe three?  Out to dinner and we look out of our restaurant window and lo and behold the rainbows had lit up the sky…totally beautiful.  I shot a quick shot with my handy-dandy iPhone and Camera Awesome* app for this cute shot.  The light pole in the middle of the image made an interesting contrast to the trees and rainbows.  So my friends, there is always light and rainbows after the rain and at the end of the day!

FYI: I love the textures and presets in the Camera Awesome* app for quick, fun and funky photos. I also use the “100 Cameras in One” and “Instagram apps.

*Camera Awesome is a free app available at the Apple Store

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Oh Paeonia…

“Love! thou art leading me from wintry cold,
 “Lady! thou leadest me to summer clime,
“And I must taste the blossoms that unfold
“In its ripe warmth this gracious morning time.”
 So said, his erewhile timid lips grew bold,
 And poesied with hers in dewy rhyme:
Great bliss was with them, and great happiness
Grew, like a lusty flower in June’s caress”
John Keats

~ ~ ~

This is the amazing Peony (Paeonia) which are now in full bloom in my gardens.  They are my favorite plant (flowers) and Rose my second favorite.  We have many in the Promise Gardens, over 30 Paeonia species of all types and colors.  I fear it will rain them away before the formal photographs are shot this week!  This is the newest and it was so large that had I known I might have entered into a “largest peony flower contest”) or something like that.  When it was ready to start losing its petals, I brought it indoors for a vase to enjoy  its last days.  The petals filled the desk and floor and the aroma perfumed the room!  As I walk the gardens and breathe their glorious aroma, I am transfixed and of course, John Keats poetry came to mind.   Isn’t it just “oh so lovely” and I wish I could share the aroma with you too!  x0x

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