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The Gardener

The Gardener

The gardener does not love to talk.
He makes me keep the gravel walk;
And when he puts his tools away,
He locks the door and takes the key.

Away behind the currant row,
Where no one else but cook may go,
Far in the plots, I see him dig,
Old and serious, brown and big.

He digs the flowers, green, red, and blue,
Nor wishes to be spoken to.
He digs the flowers and cuts the hay,
And never seems to want to play.

Silly gardener! summer goes,
And winter comes with pinching toes,
When in the garden bare and brown
You must lay your barrow down.

Well now, and while the summer stays,
To profit by these garden days
O how much wiser you would be
To play at Indian wars with me!

Robert Louis Stevenson

“The Gardener” from the Art on Canvas  Collection of Jay&Jacy Photography  ©2018 All Rights Reserved

Flowers, Garden Design, Garden Photography, Nature, Promise Gardens, Vegetable Gardening

Flowers, Garden Pots & Other Such Things

We are in the gardens after the rains and busy as can be getting the plantings done and dusted for the June Rose & Flower Garden Show.  The cold weather and rains made havoc of the garden calendar but we are now on our way to completion.  It’s really starting to look fabulous and blooms are popping out so you will see many postings on the blog over the next month of these natural beauties.

Promise Gardens Planting

A recent garden center shopping trip yielded the lovelies in this storyboard.  A trip to Lowe’s for new paints for these well-worn pots and brave new colors for the garden furniture and fixtures.  I love the old and new, worn and shiny too.

Sneak Peek:  New to the gardens this year are the beautiful Bougainvillea for two huge pots on the lower porch with full sun all day.  They are gorgeous and have supplanted the roses that usually inhabit them.  I have also created three hanging baskets, a floral container for the “Lydia” statue, filled 20 large containers with flowers, shrubs, created veggie pots, grape vines, strawberries and more!  Photos and updates forthcoming — so fun, I also get to photograph them.

It is “beginning to look a lot like bountiful gardens everywhere you go” (in the gardens).  Love it and grow your gardens with me!  Happy gardening!

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Some Like It Hot — Peppers in Containers

Peppers, Peppers & More Peppers

Remember those peppers I planted last year? You may remember my discussion about where and how to plant and I shared that I plant mine in containers, planters, and baskets on my porch where they get 100+ sunny temps and grow like crazy. Alas, I am posting a photo I shot last year when I harvested the first batch. They are gorgeous and really yummy hot! I plant them everywhere and this year my planting included a few new varieties, including, “Hot Hot Cherry Red Peppers” which I love especially for breakfast with eggs and bacon. (Yes, I am truly a Southern gal)!

We know tomatoes, herbs and other veggies can grow quite well in containers. I grow all of mine in them and I would not do it any other way since they are in planters right off the kitchen and allow me to “grab” what I need for dinner in seconds. I also like the easy care of them. You can see my older posts here when I first started out in this process of vegetable container gardening for more information. Just click on “categories” link for the posts.

Give them a try and if you like “hot and spicy” food like us “Cajun, Creole, Southern and Southwestern” cooks do, try some of these for instant gratification.   Enjoy, Chef Jacy

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What’s New the Promise Gardens?

What’s new in the Promise Gardens? We have been super busy working in the gardens, garden shows, photoshoots and preparing for the Children’s Photoshoot in July! We did find a bit of time to plant our usual favorites for summer — veggies! There is just something really special about fresh “I grew them myself” in the garden veggies and herbs! Try it!