March is Here! (via Classy Wallpapers)

Friends! Can it be March??? That means lots of gardening soon!

March is Here! Looking forward to spring?  Add our new March spring floral wallpaper to your desktop and think "SPRING"! … Read More

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Happy February & Valentines Wallpaper (via Classy Wallpapers)

Although the gardens are filled with snow and ice, we anticipate beautiful spring bulbs blooming later this month and a lovely spring array so until then, Happy February!

Happy February & Valentines Wallpaper It's February and you know what that means…it is Valentine's Day and Heart month! Share your heart with love and kindness, grace and thanksgiving! Be blessed! … Read More

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Sunsets & Snow Kisses (via HDR Chic)

Sunsets & Snow Kisses "How beautiful and perfect is this couple together! Earth is kissed with snow and the sunset beams its approval in stunning colors of the rainbow in electronic hues! Climbing a mountain, withstanding freezing and windy temps make it all worthwhile when the delight of our eyes is such a sight! The tree lifts itself to the heavens for more snow kisses and glory to quench its thirst with promises of days to come of its natural beauty in leaf. If I c … Read More

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Twelve Totally Audacious Snow Images (via HDR Chic)

A view of the snow path in the Promise Gardens and more!

Twelve Totally Audacious Snow Images Snow and more snow, blizzards and snowstorms of every description…it's that time of year to enjoy the beauty of it, play in it whether as a sports enthusiast, a child, or as a photographer. We love to capture snow in season as it is a time when we can photograph in every light scenario and capture something magical and beautiful. Whether it is HDR, Infrared, Black/White or straight from the camera, snow images fascinate and inspire us to create … Read More

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Oh for Beautiful Blue Hour Snow…snow…snow… (via HDR Chic)

Oh for Beautiful Blue Hour Snow...snow...snow...   In the Bleak Midwinter In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, In the bleak midwinter, long ago. This poem by Christina G. Rossetti is a favorite poem and hymn and although it is only the first week of winter in the US, it is already creating havoc with strong winds and blizzard conditions.  Perhaps a sampling of what is to come but for us who love … Read More

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