Spring Promises & Morning Sunshine

It is almost Spring Time again and even though it is only February, today we had a 77 degree surprise after the 30’s last week.  It is never to early to begin planning this years Spring beauty.  We will soon be sharing our lovely gardens again with you!  Until then, Get ready for your Happy Spring Gardening!

We are out and about on this lovely day watching the tulips and bulbs pop out everywhere.  Soon we will have the incredible beauty of them!

A little remembrance… How wonderful to see the sunshine this morning after drenching rains yesterday which watered the gardens so beautifully and the flowers just popped out with joy, the leaves drinking up each drop and of course, most importantly, the roots just as happy as can be.  How precious is the rain and sunshine to the gardens…very…and they show their appreciation by happiness in color, buds and giving joy to their caretakers.

This is another image from the Promise Gardens Spring & Summer photoshoots. The plants (common name) are from left to right: Tulips, Mock Orange, Rose of Sharon, Peony, Hollyhock.


  •  Tulips: Everyone loves tulips, a must have in your spring garden/planters.
  •  Mock Orange:  An amazing bursting forth each spring of incredible white  flowers with glorious aroma.
  • Rose Sharon:  Breathtakingly beautiful and each year more abundant.
  • Peonies:  No garden is complete without an array of peonies.  The yellow is new to our gardens this year…sensational!
  • Hollyhock: The “red” hollyhock is a favorite and just breathtaking in the garden.  We have both single/double and prefer the historic “single” version.  These are heart stopping!

Photography: Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2018 All Rights Reserved for Promise Gardens – No Reblogs Please. Thank You


The Joy of Peony

The joy of the Promise Gardens each year is my over 40 peony bushes-trees that produce such beauty that takes my breath away. They are my favorite next to the Rose….a must have in your gardens dear friends for the sheer loveliness and joy they bring!

Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2017 All Rights Reserved

~ ~ ~
Daybreak in a Garden

I HEARD the farm cocks crowing, loud, and faint, and thin,
When hooded night was going and one clear planet winked:
I heard shrill notes begin down the spired wood distinct,
When cloudy shoals were chinked and gilt with fires of day.
White-misted was the weald; the lawns were silver-grey;
The lark his lonely field for heaven had forsaken;
And the wind upon its way whispered the boughs of may,
And touched the nodding peony-flowers to bid them waken.

~ ~ ~



Luscious Peonies in Bloom

Our beautiful spring show of peonies are breathtaking this year and every year their display of color and beauty WOW us. This is our favorite flower next to the rose and a must-have in every garden. We collect them and Promise Gardens has over 40 varieties. A quick iPhone shot before the rains for our Sunday dinner table. Collect them in your garden and they will become your favorite too.  Watch for more from our upcoming Promise Gardens Photo Shoot.


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Awestruct at Garden Promises

Isn’t it lovely how the promises of beautiful gardens are renewed every day, from season to season, sun, rain, snow and everything that happens to make their beauty shine forth for our enjoyment?  It does not matter how many times I see the flowers grow up from the ground to flowering, I am awestruck.  The WOW of the gardens is the color and aroma and each flower and leaf with its own beauty.  Ahhhh, take time to walk through gardens, smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty while it lasts for the season because we are so totally blessed to have such beauty to enjoy.  Smiling and breathing it in . . . x0x


* * *
‘FLOWERS nodding gaily, scent in air,  

Flowers posied, flowers for the hair,  
Sleepy flowers, flowers bold to stare——’  
        ‘O pick me some!’
* * *

Photography:   Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved – No Reblogs Please!

The Last Peony

Every year I am saddened when the peonies have bloomed and their season of bloom ended.  The rains were heavy this spring which reeks havoc on the petals so I cut and brought many bouquets indoors to savor their fragrance and beauty.  Pictured is the last peony sharing its last days and sweet aroma in my garden window until next year.   Adieu my beauties…


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Copyright, JayJacy Photography-©2013 All Rights Reserved – No Reblogs please. Thanks