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Now That’s Garden Design Inspiration

My follow-up to yesterday’s post on inspiration for the 2013 Promise Gardens “Rose and Flower Show.” These are my inspirational idea images for this year.* You may remember that last year I also included a vertical wall garden which by mid-summer was more work than beauty and too much upkeep. I recommend if you use them make sure they are in an easy to reach and maintain spot in your garden. Mine required a ladder/step-stool to keep up the top rows so I have eliminated it from the design plan and opting this year for the “Flower Towers” for the “vertical” look in the gardens.

The Pink Dresser: Who knew a pink dresser could have such impact!! I thought my new darling potting table was perfect for my antique and shabby chic containers and décor but WOW! POW! this makes me want to paint an old dresser and put it in the garden. A trip to the flea market is to find one of these and paint it a shocking pink or some outrageous pastel and place it in a prominent place in the garden! The alternative would be to paint the smaller potting table on the porch– now that’s a possibility that is easy and free!  Or how about that 1860 sideboard currently showcasing my antique teapots and cups?  Probably not but it sure would be pretty and unique!

The Pillowed Bench:  A Jamie Durie project which I used in my garden last year only for the wicker sofa.  (See images in earlier post.)

The Wicker Baskets:  What a fun idea and very useful for herb gardens.  I use the potting table and a tricycle for my herb pots but this is certainly an excellent idea for this year.  Speciality stores (Pier 1 Imports, Home Goods, Michael’s) have very reasonable baskets in fabulous designs and colors so perhaps to show off the green herbs they would be a great and different “look” addition to the garden.  The dilemma would be where to place them close-by the kitchen without having to mount?

The other pictured ideas I have:  the elee, bicycle, perennials galore and lots of purple but they do inspire!

Another project is my 9 ft.  Lydia statue in the main Promise Garden.  She is now “antique blue” and I want a new color.  What color should I paint her?  I’ll post about her soon.

*Image Credit:  HGTV  and Pinterest

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Flower Power, Flower Tower

I don’t usually buy anything I see in a commercial but this time I am. HomeDepot has been advertising it’s Flower Tower and I went on a hunt for it on Home Depot’s site. I was pleasantly surprised to find a photo and .pdf on how to create your own. This will be a lovely garden flower show for the Promise Gardens this year. I’ll share mine when they are done! Hmmm, now what colors will I use this year?


Here is the link to the PDF with full instructions:  Flower Tower

Home Depot Garden Club

Photo Credit:  Home Depot