Saying Goodbye…

…to summer.  It is that time of year again where we begin to look forward to the beautiful foliage of Autumn and all that it brings to the gardens.  Yes, there is much work to do in the Promise Gardens but the fall sheds its beauty and its colors light up day and night for its last hurrah before winter.  It is a spectacular sight each year so we look forward to it with relish!  The summer sunflowers are smiling because they know it draws near.

~ ~ ~
COME to me only with playthings now…
A picture of a singing woman with blue eyes
Standing at a fence of hollyhocks, poppies and sunflowers…
Or an old man I remember sitting with children telling stories
Of days that never happened anywhere in the world…

No more iron cold and real to handle,
Shaped for a drive straight ahead.
Bring me only beautiful useless things.
Only old home things touched at sunset in the quiet…
And at the window one day in summer
Yellow of the new crock of butter
Stood against the red of new climbing roses…
And the world was all playthings.*
~ ~ ~

*Carl Sandburg

Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved
No Relbogs Please,  Thank you.


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