Awestruct at Garden Promises

Isn’t it lovely how the promises of beautiful gardens are renewed every day, from season to season, sun, rain, snow and everything that happens to make their beauty shine forth for our enjoyment?  It does not matter how many times I see the flowers grow up from the ground to flowering, I am awestruck.  The WOW of the gardens is the color and aroma and each flower and leaf with its own beauty.  Ahhhh, take time to walk through gardens, smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty while it lasts for the season because we are so totally blessed to have such beauty to enjoy.  Smiling and breathing it in . . . x0x

* * *
‘FLOWERS nodding gaily, scent in air,  

Flowers posied, flowers for the hair,  
Sleepy flowers, flowers bold to stare——’  
        ‘O pick me some!’
* * *

Photography:   Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved – No Reblogs Please!


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