For the Love of Poppy Flowers

I have always loved the red poppy flower and planted them in the Promise Gardens Corner Garden in its first year.  The critters ate them along with the adoring Candytuft (beautiful fragrant white snowy flowers for contrast) so they were forgotten for other flowering and creeping plants.  I have renewed my desire to replant them and after photographing them again and from inspiration in my research, I am planting them again in the Promise Gardens.  For this planting I will place them in the Perennial Garden where they can strut in full view and plenty of full sun and I can run the critters off.

I have always loved flower art and especially the Poppy by Georgia O’Keeffe (top image).   Grow them – the are beautiful with lime green and white ground covers.  Visit my JayJacy Photography for my post Popping Red Poppies & Me

Promise Gardens

Watch this “Poppy” video for inspiration. You can order Poppy Seeds from Burbee or  plants from a good garden center.

p.s.  I went a little “poppy” crazy with the two posts and now a new background and header for Promise Gardens.  So loving them and the colors!


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