Veggie Cart for Two

Good Morning Gardeners!  It’s a beautiful morning here in the Promise Gardens and perfect for tending and watching plants grow.  The birds are chirping, bees buzzing, sun shining, water rippling, puffy clouds and gorgeous color everywhere.  The rains have been magnificent providing growth of the grapevines, strawberries, herbs, veggies and more!  A delight indeed!

Promise Gardens

Isn’t this cute?  It is my newest planter.  We have two of these carts* which are fabulous for gardening.  I decided to use one for my kitchen garden this year filling it with squash and cucumber plants.  The choice was either a deck raised bed or the large containers and I opted to use this cart for a fun punch of color and funky look.  The neat thing is the sides of the cart come down so I have the option to open them and allow the plants travel if needed.  The beauty of the cart is you don’t have to deal with wire, plastic netting and the like to keep the critters out.  Since we are planting veggies for two, it’s perfect.  The how-to is below.


1.  Layer with landscape cloth, punch random holes for extra drainage.
2. Attach landscape cloth with plastic ties that lock.
3.  Attach arbor, flat tomato cage, wire, pallet, etc. for plants to climb.  I used the 3-pane box wire folded into thirds.
4.  Plant each veggie in large pot (or fill cart with soil and plant accordingly).
5.  Watch the veggies grow and oh my yum they are delish!**

This is a very easy way to grow veggies just outside the kitchen door.  Like herbs, you need them close by to use and tend.  This is also an easy garden for those with small and limited space.

Watch the blog for posts with new ideas, plantings, garden décor and more.  Have a happy and creative gardening day!

* Garden carts are available at Lowes, Home Depot and Tractor Supply.
**  The rain fell for two days and I shot this image with my iPhone after.  I was shocked to see the plants had doubled in size and there are already 3 squash popping out!  Amazing!


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