Oh Paeonia…


“Love! thou art leading me from wintry cold,
 “Lady! thou leadest me to summer clime,
“And I must taste the blossoms that unfold
“In its ripe warmth this gracious morning time.”
 So said, his erewhile timid lips grew bold,
 And poesied with hers in dewy rhyme:
Great bliss was with them, and great happiness
Grew, like a lusty flower in June’s caress”
John Keats

~ ~ ~

This is the amazing Peony (Paeonia) which are now in full bloom in my gardens.  They are my favorite plant (flowers) and Rose my second favorite.  We have many in the Promise Gardens, over 30 Paeonia species of all types and colors.  I fear it will rain them away before the formal photographs are shot this week!  This is the newest and it was so large that had I known I might have entered into a “largest peony flower contest”) or something like that.  When it was ready to start losing its petals, I brought it indoors for a vase to enjoy  its last days.  The petals filled the desk and floor and the aroma perfumed the room!  As I walk the gardens and breathe their glorious aroma, I am transfixed and of course, John Keats poetry came to mind.   Isn’t it just “oh so lovely” and I wish I could share the aroma with you too!  x0x

NOTE:  This image is copyrighted, please do not reblog this image or post.  Thank you!


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