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Flowers, Garden Pots & Other Such Things

We are in the gardens after the rains and busy as can be getting the plantings done and dusted for the June Rose & Flower Garden Show.  The cold weather and rains made havoc of the garden calendar but we are now on our way to completion.  It’s really starting to look fabulous and blooms are popping out so you will see many postings on the blog over the next month of these natural beauties.

Promise Gardens Planting

A recent garden center shopping trip yielded the lovelies in this storyboard.  A trip to Lowe’s for new paints for these well-worn pots and brave new colors for the garden furniture and fixtures.  I love the old and new, worn and shiny too.

Sneak Peek:  New to the gardens this year are the beautiful Bougainvillea for two huge pots on the lower porch with full sun all day.  They are gorgeous and have supplanted the roses that usually inhabit them.  I have also created three hanging baskets, a floral container for the “Lydia” statue, filled 20 large containers with flowers, shrubs, created veggie pots, grape vines, strawberries and more!  Photos and updates forthcoming — so fun, I also get to photograph them.

It is “beginning to look a lot like bountiful gardens everywhere you go” (in the gardens).  Love it and grow your gardens with me!  Happy gardening!

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