Inspire Me Blues

The rain has taken its toll on getting the gardens ready but that’s okay because it gives us a little time to design and be inspired to create new garden vignettes and play places.  Mirrors in the garden?  Oh yes, reflective and gorgeous for the flowers and give the appearance of depth, doubled size and more.   The variety of seating gives one the desire to grab a book, cup of tea and perhaps an afternoon nap?   I love the ideas here that are reasonable to create and using repurposed furniture is happiness indeed as they find a new home and utility.   The creativity for designing is endless and coupled with glorious blooms of color and aroma, we are obsessed to create even more space.  More ideas to come.  In the meantime…

These are several favorite ideas from many places I pinned at Pinterest. They are gorgeous color schemes and quite lovely. Get inspired by the blues and create lovely places too.  Here’s the link of my favorites with credits and more.


2 thoughts on “Inspire Me Blues

  1. I adore the blue – we spent the day putting together a VegTrug – and tomorrow we can take it apart and start all over again ……

  2. Thanks Jennifer for sharing. Gardening and designing gardens is such a fulfilling joy and the rewards wonderful but also us healthy exercise too!!

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