Beautiful Creation, Beautiful Blooms

As I gaze in awe out of my windows at the Promise Gardens today, the sun is shining brightly and I am anxious to get out there and shoot those beautiful blossoms in all the trees and capture them up close with the macro lens. I usually do not photograph during bright sun but the reflections are just glorious so I am out the door into the gardens to shoot.

Promise Gardens

On another note, we continue the mega spring garden cleaning and guess what had stored itself in my porch potting table? Yes, that’s right, a huge squirrel nest, yikes, it was just awful. The Robins and Cardinals have nests everywhere including the arbor (which, of course, we did not touch). Another surprise, I had put a clay pot container under the large potting table and covered it with another pot upside down thinking to use the good soil this year. Lo and behold, I remove the cover and what is there but three very yellow-leaf-looking hyacinth bulbs climbing for life? Wow, I repotted them and they are happily doing well.  Did I mention the rabbits digging holes and dropping little ones?  What else will we find? Scary thoughts!


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