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Awesome Promise Gardens Photoshoot

The Promise Gardens Photoshoot images at last.  The gardens for 2012 were incredibly beautiful this year and with the new plantings and updated decor, truly an eye-popper and amazing feast of color and aroma.  We have been in drought ever since and I long to see this again and we will in September-October as leaves change and new fall plants emerge.  This image was shot before the show and photography and gives you a glimpse of a few of our views and backdrops in its naked beauty before photography gear was everywhere.  We will share more in later posts.  Enjoy the view!

6 thoughts on “Awesome Promise Gardens Photoshoot”

    1. Thank you! As a photographer and lover of history, we designed the gardens to display our historic trees & gardens not only for the beauty of them but as an outdoor photography studio. It makes for wonderful and lasting images. Thanks for visiting us.

      1. Well thank you! I am sure with that amazing place of yours your research will give you tons of information on what you will restore for the landscape to its original, etc. but we would be happy to give you some helps, hints, and ideas to make it a beautiful place from a photographers point of view for use for events, i.e., weddings, portraits, and the plantings that we have found most useful (with minimum care) for beauty and style as well as historically. We found UVA http://blandy.virginia.edu/ and Andre Viette http://inthegardenradio.com to be most helpful. Wishing you well in your endeavors.

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