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Potting Table Love

What would a garden be without a potting table, potting shed or both?  If you are a serious gardener, they are a must-have and if you love them like I do, you will use more than one in your gardens.  Whether they are particularly designed potting tables or old tables you use for potting, they are not only utilitarian but also  a showplace for garden fun and funky items.  I have two potting tables.  Pictured* is my new Cedar one which is for my newly designed porch.  I am designing new painted pots and other goodies for it with lots of spunky color and creative designs that reflect the joy of gardening.  It is always fun to go hunting for gardening treasures, new and old, to make that design just perfect.  I also plan to use this one as a server for outdoor dinners and functions.

In my potting shed, I have a very large custom-made potting table/bench that houses “everything” one could possibly want for gardening and that has been a wonderful tool and a joy to use.  It has made that somewhat dirty work of potting fun to do. 

Watch for our upcoming posts on our finds, treasures and decor for this year’s Promise Gardens design. 
*Photo Credit: Catalog Image, Homeplace Collection, Suncast-Homeplace Collection

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