Creating “Garden Rooms”

A Garden is not complete without “Garden Rooms” and those special places to sit, browse or walk and take in the beauty of Creation.  Our Promise Gardens have many rooms, flower gardens, nooks and secret places, statuary and backdrops for photography.  This season we will be sharing many of them and how we created them and most importantly, how they are utilized for all types of events and enjoyment.  Watch for those posts!

In the interim, we will be sharing some of our favorite gardening sites for tips and “how-to”  design your gardens.   Viette’s Garden Center is a place we visit often including attending their “Daylily & Wine Festival” each year.  Click the link to visit their site for excellent help and ideas for “Garden Rooms” and other gardening help, garden lectures and radio programming:

Garden Rooms

“Treat your outdoor living space as you would your house.  Plan your garden by creating different rooms.  These “rooms” can vary in size and height.  I usually like to maintain a view or vista into another part of the garden just as an open door allows you to look into and move into another room. Keep in mind that you never want to see the whole garden at once.  You want to be surprised and invited into different parts of the garden.”


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