Saga of the Historic Hickory Tree

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The Saga of the Promise Gardens Historic Hickory Tree Removal

A sad day in the Promise Gardens:

Image 1
My Arborist high in the bucket crane removing the back leader from my historic tree. Sad, sad, sad but I took advantage and shot lots of images to get over losing the leader. Fortunately the birds and squirrel beds were on the other leaders and did not suffer. It is a super healthy tree with a small wind-damaged small limb over a neighbors property but she wanted the whole thing removed and so history and its significance, the home of the critters, the beauty of tree leader were of naught to her so we graciously and expensively had it removed. Sad, sad, sad.

Image 2
Our “bucket Arborist” guy…incredible work, brave in spite of the rain falling and forthcoming thunderstorms. He was very cool…brave, brave, brave……check out his tattoos..Had to”HDR” him…

Image 3
Near the end…My Arborist guys knew my loss so they made me a “tree seat” and cut the last two “discs” into beautiful perfect tree discs for use in the gardens. I will preserve them and seal, shellac them into “seats” so all is not lost. The guys are really strong lifting and pitching huge pieces into the “tree chipper” — a “non-gym” workout!

Image 4
…and so…Lydia weeps…the critters scattered, the gardens are quiet and in mourning but we have planted a new tree to take its place for future lovers of God’s creation…

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