Promise Gardens, Roses & Arbors

This is a photo of our first corner of the Promise Gardens wherein we began this adventure five years ago.  It was underbrush, rocks and fallen trees.  Now is a wonderful place of solace and beauty!  The name “Promise Gardens” came from our 9 months of cleanup of debris and our promise to begin here and complete the entire gardens….we are happy with the result…truly it a blessing of God’s creation. 


It is amazing to go back and look at these five years of gardening and how things have grown and changed. The garden rule: “First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap.” The Promise Gardens are five years old and will be matured (according to the experts) and their best at seven years old. 

As you an see from the photos, we used tall slim trees to create rose arbors…which are stunning in full bloom!


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